The new version of fancy pants is out Play Fancy Pants 5 today

Wednesday, July 10, 2019 posted by Joel 9:25 am
Play Fancy Pants 5 today

Fancy pants is a very popular highly addictive game which has already four versions and the new and 5th version just released. This game is a fully action-packed game in which high-jumping is the main lay role. Your all time the favourite fancy pants game is here again infront of you to fill you with complete action. We have added many new features and amazing options to make your favourite game more addictive.

Here in this new version, your play fancy pants design is totally different. Here in this version, we have made changes to the main character. We have added spink hair, baggy pants and a stick kind man who is always hungry for more and more speed. In this game, your main task is to collect as many swirleys as possible by checking on to each level. But this is not that much simple. You will find many obstacles in your way who will not allow you to go forward. They will try to protect you from going forward and they may even kill you to stop you. And this is the main twist which adds adventure to this game. So all you have to do is collect as many swirleys as possible in all the levels.

new version of fancy pants

Play fancy pants and clear all the levels to win. In this game, we have designed each level in such a way that you will get a totally different experience on all levels. There will be many spiders and bad guys on your way and you will have to open many doors to move ahead. We have designed this game in such a way that behind every door you will get to experience a completely new adventure. as you keep proceeding further dangers will also start increasing and you will find it more difficult to proceed further. Your main task is to find all bad guys and at the same time, you have to collect.

The game controls are designed keeping in mind the convenience of players and just like other versions the controls for this version are also very easy. In this version of play fancy pants, Just a minor change is that in this version you will have to use a few extra controls to clear levels and move to the next levels. Left and right arrows are used to make fancy pants move left or right. To open and enter in all the doors up arrow is used. And if you want to duck, slide and roll then you have to use down arrow. “s” key is used for jumping whenever required and the game gets paused and options menu appear when you press the space bar.

You can customize all the controls in-game and play fancy pants according to you. There are many options available for you to change controls. We assure you that is the 5th version of this game you will love it 5 times more than others. Come and play today your favourite game it’s available now.

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