Reasons why you should use bitcoin

Monday, January 20, 2020 posted by Joel 7:20 am

Bitcoin will not be a widely used currency for a long time. But its popularity is growing. How to use it in running your internet business? Have you ever heard of a currency that is 6.5 thousand times more expensive than the zloty? (6.595 thousand zlotys: exactly what you have to pay for bitcoin)

What is bitcoin

┬áSimply put – virtual currency. Stored in a digital wallet kept on a computer or website designed to store this type of wallet. It has no central administration above it that could manipulate bitcoin by increasing their emissions. Everything is behind blockchain technology, i.e., a public database containing encoded information about all transactions carried out using bitcoins. Due to the complicated encryption and distribution of data in a distributed manner, it is not possible to hack bitcoin information today (therefore, fraud is impossible, just like, e.g.,

What is the Future of Bitcoin?

Due to the limited supply, many believe that Bitcoin is another large investment for the future. So you can make money from it, and if you have invested wisely, you can then see great cash. Ideally, the goal is for cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin to be the future of money. Some important players, such as Bill Gates, are convinced that “the future of money is a digital currency” because the development of technology changes the way we buy and sell money. More importantly, because Bitcoin does not belong to anyone, no central authority can manipulate the value of the currency. It will always remain the same, which is an attractive feature for many So whether Bitcoin is the future of money or an investment, now is a great time to start looking and buying Bitcoins! Who knows, maybe next time you make a purchase, you’ll be able to use Bitcoin as your favorite currency.

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