Where to do beautiful hair cheap in Hanoi?

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The teeth of the hair is the human body,” just change the appropriate hairstyle, each person’s appearance will be different. Therefore, to create more opportunities in work and love, you should find a hair style that suits the face, honoring the beauty of yourself, and create beautiful hairstyles to everything goes smoothly.

Choosing a hairdresser, with skilled hairdressers, which is the decisive factor for your hair, so when making your hair look to the hairdressing salons for prestige and quality. And if you do not know where to do beautiful hair cheap in Hanoi, below gives you the beautiful haircut in the capital are quite a lot of women, as well as men preferred back .Come to do hair Haircut cheap beautiful in Hanoi Haircut cheap beautiful in Hanoi

NICE Hairdressing – a beautiful haircut in Hanoi

 Salon mainly uses Japanese products, quite sure. In addition to hair cut services, hair shampoo is also very popular here. Although small but good quality, but it is also reasonable price.

 Price: Hair Cut for women (including shampoo) starts from 200K-250K.

Address: 153 Bui Thi Xuan, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Yen Mai Hair & Spa – address cutting hair beautiful office

A familiar address of the sisterhood of the sisters. The cat toc ngan dep Tai Ha Noi is quite large in the small town of Do Tranh is a very old address, many sisters told each other. The owner, Yen Mai is also a famous hair stylist, learned through many beauty fashion cities in the world. Haircut styling is quite a popular choice at the salon.

 From the hairdresser and staff here are attentive, enthusiastic, and meticulous. You will be styling consultants to match the look of the face as well as the personal taste, so that the hairstyles are beautiful and very modern. In addition to cutting services, here you can try skin care in the private spa. The store also offers vouchers, or incentives for loyal customers or holidays.

Price: About 250K cut shop and about 280K Yen Mai cut. Address: 11 Do Hanh Street, Do Hanh District, Hai Ba Trung District, Hanoi

Dung Salon Hair – nice short haircut address in Hanoi

 Those who love short hair personality must definitely not miss this address. This is the address of cutting short hair and dyed fashion is the most popular. The salon is “floating like alcohol” thanks to the talent of cutting hair short beautiful medium quality of the boss. Want to change yourself from the familiar long hair to a short haircut, Dung Salon Hair Salon owner will consult very enthusiastic and cut to fit the look, sure to love. Besides cutting hair, salon dye services are also good, for a beautiful hairdo.

Price Range: About 250K

Address: 115 Nguyen AnNinh, Hoang Mai District, Hanoi


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Hire the best SEO and Boom up to the heights!

Friday, April 21, 2017 posted by Joel 1:24 am

If you are a newbie in the world of online business you will want to be noticed on the web. You want your website screaming out at a potential customer. You want the customer to see your website first and then look at others. If you want both, you should look for seo packages for small business.

Seo services help in ranking the website- that is, they can assign it as a preferred website – and it will show up first in Google search. With growing presence of online business, there are many seo agencies and consultants who offer seo packages for small business. You should do a comprehensive analysis for the packages offered and match it to your requirements. Make an informed decision when you invest in seo packages.

seo packages for small business

Some of the factors that you should consider before investing in a seo package include the following.

  1. Testimonials and References – Ask an SEO to provide a client list along with testimonials and references from past clients. A reliable SEO will be able to provide this along with contact details of the client.
  2. SEO strategy – Before you begin, a good SEO will analyse your website and give you a summary of fixes. He or she will further elaborate on how they will optimize your presence on wen via using different tools. Always ask for this before you hire an SEO.
  3. Ethics – Many SEO’s use unethical and illegal tactics such as hidden text, spam content, etc. This is illegal and violates best practices for SEO. When you hire SEO, check out whether they adhere to a webmaster’s guidelines. Look for an SEO with integrity. Avoid those who make tall promises of getting this done in one day. Also, avoid an SEO who claims personal relationship with Google or other search engine webmasters. Search engines are auto-data based.
  4. Local SEO – A local SEO is always a better option as they will have a better idea of where to target business. He will put you on the right searches and use the correct set of keywords
  5. Analytics – Always look for the analytic data supplied by the SEO. The SEO should be able to generate web-traffic graphs and frequency of a particular keyword searched among others.
  6. Terms & Conditions– Be clear about payment terms and rates. Check about the frequency and number of payments. Also get a clear idea of whether the rate is hourly or daily.When you draw up a contract with the SEO; get it in writing about their period of contract and ownership of content. Make sure that you find out if your SEO is always reachable. Ensure that the SEO can answer your queries at any time that they pop-up.
  7. Authenticity – Is your SEO making tall claims or realistic promises? Beware of SEO’s who give traffic guarantee or income guarantees.

Keep a checklist of good SEO practices when you hire an SEO or buy an SEO package.

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I turn into a storyteller when I travel

Monday, March 20, 2017 posted by Joel 11:09 am

Today everybody is bound with responsibilities. Everybody is so busy earning for their errands that they have turned themselves into robots. Working around the clock makes life stressful. Travel can add ease to this stress. No matter what the financial boundaries are taking a break and explore the world. The world is a story book unless we travel we cannot turn the pages of this book.

What travel means

What travel means?

Is travelling only about exploring a place? Travelling means exploration. Yes, it is an exploration of a place, before that it is about exploring your own soul. Take a journey to your soul, then the world will look pleasant. It ensures peace of mind. While travelling us come across many hardships, things we could never imagine. Still ,we deal with them and move ahead ,we our journey. We define our story to the destination with our memories and experiences, not with the luxury.

 Journey is measured by friends

Travel to the destinations is a wonderful experience to describe. It really turns a person into a storyteller because the majestic nature inspires us. Every place is different and unique. It has different accepts. Travelling is a learning experience. We learn to adjust to the place, food and people. This is all about exploring. When we travel the best help is the people who already live in the place. We can know the best about the place from them. Language can add a bar to the conversation. Giving a smile and staying humble can help. Be careful with the power of trust and play smart with a kind heart. Friends were once strangers. Journey is full of experience, memories and Joy.

It is not always about money.  Every person we meet when we travel has a different story or experience to share. There experience becomes an inspiration to few. They tend to follow the thoughts in their journey to success. Exploring gives new ideas to achieve things.

Travelling helps to know you. Life is too short to live. Travel makes every bit of it memorable. No matter what the age is. Travelling to unknown lands is always a helpful. It is all about exploring your tolerance with the present aid.

Travel with real experience

Travel with real experience

We earn for ourselves. Wealth gives satisfaction. The “want” of more kills a person. The wealth becomes dormant when health leaves us. Budget your travel. Set no boundaries for luxury. Accept what you come across and experience. An expensive room will not make it memorable, but a walk through highlands will. The majestic nature will connect with the soul and give you smile. Words cannot always define the travel.

Journeys are different. Whether its journey to success or destinations it is determined by the hurdles. They make our experience memorable. Travel to the destinations to explore new heights of life. These experiences help us explore vast cultures, people and geographical conditions.  These conditions influence our personality, therefore making us better human with good moral values of life.

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