I turn into a storyteller when I travel

Monday, March 20, 2017 posted by Joel 11:09 am

Today everybody is bound with responsibilities. Everybody is so busy earning for their errands that they have turned themselves into robots. Working around the clock makes life stressful. Travel can add ease to this stress. No matter what the financial boundaries are taking a break and explore the world. The world is a story book unless we travel we cannot turn the pages of this book.

What travel means

What travel means?

Is travelling only about exploring a place? Travelling means exploration. Yes, it is an exploration of a place, before that it is about exploring your own soul. Take a journey to your soul, then the world will look pleasant. It ensures peace of mind. While travelling us come across many hardships, things we could never imagine. Still ,we deal with them and move ahead ,we our journey. We define our story to the destination with our memories and experiences, not with the luxury.

 Journey is measured by friends

Travel to the destinations is a wonderful experience to describe. It really turns a person into a storyteller because the majestic nature inspires us. Every place is different and unique. It has different accepts. Travelling is a learning experience. We learn to adjust to the place, food and people. This is all about exploring. When we travel the best help is the people who already live in the place. We can know the best about the place from them. Language can add a bar to the conversation. Giving a smile and staying humble can help. Be careful with the power of trust and play smart with a kind heart. Friends were once strangers. Journey is full of experience, memories and Joy.

It is not always about money.  Every person we meet when we travel has a different story or experience to share. There experience becomes an inspiration to few. They tend to follow the thoughts in their journey to success. Exploring gives new ideas to achieve things.

Travelling helps to know you. Life is too short to live. Travel makes every bit of it memorable. No matter what the age is. Travelling to unknown lands is always a helpful. It is all about exploring your tolerance with the present aid.

Travel with real experience

Travel with real experience

We earn for ourselves. Wealth gives satisfaction. The “want” of more kills a person. The wealth becomes dormant when health leaves us. Budget your travel. Set no boundaries for luxury. Accept what you come across and experience. An expensive room will not make it memorable, but a walk through highlands will. The majestic nature will connect with the soul and give you smile. Words cannot always define the travel.

Journeys are different. Whether its journey to success or destinations it is determined by the hurdles. They make our experience memorable. Travel to the destinations to explore new heights of life. These experiences help us explore vast cultures, people and geographical conditions.  These conditions influence our personality, therefore making us better human with good moral values of life.

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