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Couture Fashion A Need Of The Present

Friday, July 27, 2018 posted by Joel 4:52 am

Fashion is not a need any more it has become a necessity. Fashion keeps us well informed about our present so that we can stride forward and adapt in this dynamic world. The concept of fashion is never static and it is totally dynamic which changes with changing time. There is a term couture fashion in the fashion industry which is derived from the French word “couture” which means dressmaking. It is a label used with fashion items which are crafted for private clients only.

Couture fashion has changed the fashion industry and from the emergence of the couture fashion, the fashion industry has never been the same. Couture fashion items simply exhibit perfection and hard-work. Haute couture is also a French term which means high-dressmaking and it is a high-end fashion term for clothing. Haute couture is crafted by using delicate hand-techniques, precise sewing, and expensive materials and most importantly they are tailored for an individual client only. Which makes them a perfect gift option for parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and for any special occasion.

What makes a fashion item couture?

Well, any designer cannot simply but a label of couture on their collections and the term couture is protected by the law of France itself so that no can misuse the term couture. So there is a commission which is specially established to determine which of the fashion houses are eligible to use the label of couture. There are some rules which a fashion house needs to follow so that they can be called a true couture. Those rules are as follows:

  1. The first rule indicates that the fashion house should create made to order designs for only private clients and the designs should comprise more than one fitting.
  2. The second rule states that one should have an atelier which is situated in Paris itself and the fashion should have a minimum of 15 full-time working employees.
  3. The third rule indicates that the fashion house should present a collection which should comprise a minimum of 35 clothing designs each season for both day and evening.

You should definitely opt for couture fashion for finding the perfect gift which is both unique and elegant so that you can surprise your loved ones with a gift which stands apart from all the others gifts. You can easily get a custom-made gift so that you can gift exactly what you have in mind.