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How to own a bitcoin?

Sunday, April 12, 2020 posted by Joel 6:35 am

Bitcoins are the first digital currency to have instant payments. Persons who are having separate bitcoin network will be called as “miners”. You can own the coins by following certain conditions in the mining network. They will look for your identity verification and after the clearance; you can own the bitcoin by yourself.  There are many converting methods are available to change the coins. Among those btc to inr is one of the methods.

Follow the stated procedures to own the bitcoin. Make sure to get it from the proper mining networks. The below information will help you to buy the crypto currencies.

  • Account Creation
  • Identity Verification
  • Own bitcoin

Account Creation:

  1. At first, you have to create your own account for the verification process
  2. You should login the account by providing your personal details
  3. The details you are providing must be valid and agreeable

Identity Verification:

  1. After providing the details, you will be asked to submit all the photocopy of some important documents
  2. Make sure that all the personal details should match the details in those documents
  3. Malpractice will not be encouraged to any of the users who want to own the bitcoins
  4. Complete the verification process by submitting all the needed documents

Own bitcoin:

  1. Once done with the verification process, you can buy the bitcoin
  2. You should pay some initial amount to own it
  3. Make sure to pay it and buy the coin
  4. You can pay the initial amount either by your debit card or from the credit card


We have provided some points to buy the bitcoin. Hope it will be useful for you to own easier. Use btc to inr method for Indian transactions.