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Wednesday, March 18, 2020 posted by Joel 6:06 am
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When you imagine or think about the bitcoin, you may visualize it as a coin as the name says but this bitcoin doesn’t come in any form or the shape, but it is symbolized as the BTC. Each bitcoin is considered to be a computer file, and this is stored in the wallet which is called the digital wallet and this digital wallet is the software application where the bitcoins are stored. The application can be installed on a pc or a computer or a laptop or even on the smartphone. People will be sending the bitcoins to the wallet which is the digital wallet and thereby you can send it to other people. these are the financial transactions and these transactions with the use of the bitcoins are recorded in the public ledger which is termed as the blockchain.

A limited number of bitcoins

Bitcoins are completely different when they are compared with the traditional or any other forms of currencies. they do not have the unlimited supply and they are only 21 million bitcoins that can be created ever. The algorithm that is running the cryptocurrency issues the bitcoins every hour in minimal quantity or the small amount and this will be continuing and at the diminishing will start once it reached the 21 million cap.

Ways to Earn bitcoins

To get the bitcoins, there are ways like purchasing a small amount of the bitcoins quickly on the internet or from any individual who owns the bitcoins or slowly earning the bitcoins for free through the websites which offer for doing some tasks and those sites are referred as the bitcoin faucets. The tasks may include playing games, doing captcha, writing about cryptocurrency, etc. but the payment is very less like a millionth or billionth of BTC is given.

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