All things you need to know about digital printing

Friday, December 28, 2018 posted by Joel 8:20 am
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Digital printing is a technique that can reproduce documents from computer data. More simply, it’s about printing directly from a computer. It is a flexible and fast process that is widely used, whether for professionals or individuals. This is the type of printing you use every day in the office or at home. Digital printing is in a way the natural evolution of printing. Experts speak of a technological revolution in relation to the evolution of computing. For the little anecdote, digital printing has popularized the DTP (desktop publishing). Click here for custom printed products.

To put it simply

To simply speak and to explain this process concretely, digital printing requires a printer and a computer. This is obviously not as simple as that, but the essential is there. But, to best advise your customers and show your knowledge, you can read the more technical data of digital printing. It is good to know that in this type of printing we find baked and powdered inks on the surface of the paper. This means that when printed, the document will look glossy regardless of the paper used. Digital printing can also be performed by liquid ink jets. These will be ideal for vinyl, for example, because they penetrate fibers naturally. Visit this site for custom printed products.

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The aspects of digital printing

Digital printing is particularly suited to the modern demands of the communication market. It allows on-demand printing of short runs and variable data. Both options are possible due to the speed and low cost of printing. In addition, digital printing allows you to customize a product according to its recipient, especially in marketing. In a way, if your customers want to send an invitation with unit customization, digital printing is ideal. In addition to these features, it offers many advantages: continuous stream printing, optimized print times, printing small quantities, reduced costs, ease of printing.

The types of printers

In the world of digital printing, there are two types of printers: laser and jet. The jet printer is a first method that tends to use liquid ink cartridges purchased in a supermarket or in a simple office store. The laser printer is the second method used in digital printing. Printing is done with a powder ink that will adhere to the paper in one pass. It saves considerable time for printed copies.

In fact, it is for small quantities of documents, such as traditional stationery, that digital printing is the most used. Depending on the quantity requested, the main products printed under this process are packaging, traditional stationery (small or large formats) such as flyers, posters, brochures, etc., and also the textile thanks to the huge range of colors proposed. Digital printing can be used for many product lines, but it is not as effective in all. That is why it is good to differentiate all types of printing (offset, digital, etc.). For short, digital printing is to be used for documents with small weights and printed in small quantities

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